Wandel Design
Helping you create a visual story.



— I want to collaborate with you to create something exceptional, memorable, & unique.

I'm a Graphic Designer focused on creating clear and unique visual stories.

I'm a graphic designer & illustrator who enjoys working with large and small ideas alike, from existing business to start-ups. Working through a process of concept, refining, and execution of a visual story that works for your specific needs. Working with you on illustration, branding, package design, logo work, or ideation. 

When I am not working on your awesome ideas, you can find me in the kitchen making a new dish or perfecting my coffee skills, hanging with friends, trying not to die on a motorcycle, or planning my next travel adventure.

If you're interested in working on a project, collaboration, or would just want to grab a beer - shoot me a message!

Cheers, Eryin

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