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Moto Sans

Moto Sans


A display san-serif typeface a long time in the making. A nod to the past and a celebration of the bold. Inspired by retro motorcycle posters, signs, and photos of the past, while harnessing and inspiring the boldness that comes with facing the roads ahead. 

Moto Sans is made up of three styles to rip around on, Bold, Stencil, and Blown. All three have your basic needs along with some extended punctuations and accented characters.

- Uppercase & Lowercase Character Set A-Z
- Numerals & Punctuation
- Basic Accented Characters
- Standard Set of Ligatures
- OTF file format
- Long term support, free updates and fixes on the three styles of Bold, Stencil, & Blown.

Show me how you use Moto Sans! Tag me at @eryinwandel

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